Your links to Vikipeedia annoy the users there, and they tend to think: these mad people in Quotes should be tamed somehow in order to keep Vikipeedia clean... which means we as admins are the culprits now (although we don't go to Vikipeedia in order to create links to not very mature pages of Vikitsitaadid). Secondly, your "choice" of illustrations shows you don't know where Commons is, or you don't care, and if I want Estonian Wikiquote to be something more than mere copy-paste of another projects, I simply have to replace your pictures (which I usually do). Nor haven't you understood our policy of illustrating the articles (we try to find relevant artworks for this, not the random low quality photos). Are you positively sure you have to continue like that? Pseudacorus (arutelu) 27. juuli 2022, kell 01:01 (EEST)