Hi. I blocked you because you created another editing conflict. See, I usually want to check and edit a newly made page, and if you come and start with your daily routine a few seconds after a page is created, you actually disturb my work. This was not the first time.

Also, we are trying to avoid hypercanonization here, which means that we try to bring new materials to digital life. Adding pictures that can be found in tens of other projects doesn't seem to be the best idea for us. Peace. Pseudacorus (arutelu) 17. september 2021, kell 22:38 (EEST)
Do you claim that the folks should go to other wikis to see the images?--Kotkan lusija (arutelu) 18. september 2021, kell 22:14 (EEST)

Please check Kasutaja arutelu:Vilho-Veli. Kaniivel (arutelu) 8. oktoober 2021, kell 10:22 (EEST)