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I can understand the bitterness, but unfortunately you crossed the line, becoming destructive for the project. And that I won't approve. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 19. veebruar 2020, kell 17:33 (EET)

I'm not bitter nor want to be destructive for the project. The sources are the most important at wikis - all unsourced sites will be deleted very soon at English wikis and Estonian wikipedia, for example. Most articles before I started here were and are unsourced. I don't approve that but will not continue to remind you anymore.-- 19. veebruar 2020, kell 18:09 (EET)
By the way - thanks to the comissar of Vermont - I'll very soon publish my own books of Finnish proverbs and Sananmuunnoksia (perhaps also Eesti vanasõnad), so it's only good for me if you delete 'em.-- 19. veebruar 2020, kell 18:31 (EET)
Good luck with the publishing. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 19. veebruar 2020, kell 21:31 (EET)
Thank you!-- 19. veebruar 2020, kell 21:33 (EET)

Well, I guess you didn't read what I wrote on the talk pages of the new categories: I designed the system so that it could be used territorially, based on the current political borders. There is already a mess because some of the "X proverbs" pages are based on language (e.g. Arabian), some on nationality (Jewish), but we need a clear system that could be used, e.g., by schoolkids (currently, projects are planned to call them to work on quotes, which should be a nice and easy job for them, but we have to provide them with a clear infrastructure, including categories). If we do not follow a simple principle then we end up with, e.g., all Estonian and Finnish proverbs marked as Russian (because we were under Russia in the 19th century, when the biggest folklore gathering campaigns were run, Lönnrot and Eisen and all), most of Central and Eastern Europe marked as "Austrian" or "German", etc etc. I try to build a system that would be easy to keep in the long run. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 20. veebruar 2020, kell 11:53 (EET)

At en-Wikiquote there are all necessary categories. I think that the language is more important than the present borders. Irish proverbs, for example, are Irish language, not English ones in Ireland.-- 20. veebruar 2020, kell 12:22 (EET) - And Mehhiko vanasõnad: the Spanish original texts should be there, so that people could compare if the translation is right. I have McFarlanes's book - a lot of native proverbs and Estonian translators with sources.-- 20. veebruar 2020, kell 12:29 (EET)

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