Superb work!--Risto hot sir (arutelu) 4. veebruar 2019, kell 01:25 (EET)[]

Hello Ehitaja! Vermont is trying to block me again. I've put Your feedback to him on English Wikiquote.--Savonhelmi (arutelu) 11. jaanuar 2020, kell 02:27 (EET)[]
Well, neither of you will ever change. Good luck with that. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 11. jaanuar 2020, kell 02:30 (EET)[]
On taas probleemeja komissaarien kanssa. Katso en-wikiquote, admins' noticebook (User Babe kebab ja What is a sock?).--Kelju kakkonen (arutelu) 6. jaanuar 2021, kell 03:09 (EET)[]
Well, I restated my opinion. It would be much easier, though, if you would have just originally agreed to keep away from those projects where you're not wanted, whatever their reasons. There were enough projects where nobody objected, so maybe you could have avoided this whole witch hunt. Now, it would be very difficult to deescalate the situation. (Among other reasons, because your particular edit pattern makes it clear for everyone that's you.) Here, I don't always agree with your decisions, but I disagree with (almost) everyone a lot, so that's normal. Perhaps Estonians are just less excitable. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 6. jaanuar 2021, kell 13:10 (EET)[]

Thanks! I've avoided recently the most hostile projects, but en-wq is very important to me, they should be grateful for me being the main categorizer for years. - "Estonians don't panic" (Lennart Meri). And the language used at Finnish wikipedia is often very rough, wouldn't be tolerated at the English one. - Yes, we had disagreements, but for reason: I brought a lot of Finnish material here. That was on purpose, I wanted to wake you up. At that time Vikitsitaadid was in a very poor condition, no sources etc. But now your wikiquote is one of the best! In the future I will concentrate in images, links and proverbs only.--Kelju kakkonen (arutelu) 6. jaanuar 2021, kell 17:49 (EET)[]

I think you probably meant Ilves (see Paanika). Some people see no value in categorization, so if they dominate somewhere, you won't probably be able to dissuade them. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 7. jaanuar 2021, kell 13:36 (EET)[]
Yes, Ilves.--Kelju kakkonen (arutelu) 7. jaanuar 2021, kell 18:57 (EET)[]

En voi muokata täällä enää kolonialistien vuoksi. Saatte Eisenin sananlaskut kokonaisuudessaan luultavasti ensi syksynä suomenkielisten sananlaskujen osa kakkosen yhteydessä. Kiitos kaikesta!

Emme voi vastustaa voimaa. Kiitos ja nähdään! --Ehitaja (arutelu) 14. jaanuar 2021, kell 19:16 (EET)[]
Ei pidä koskaan antaa periksi putineille bunkkereissaan.--Risto Rekola (arutelu) 30. märts 2021, kell 03:19 (EEST)[]

Moi! Päivitin en-Wikiquoten Other language Wikiquotesin. Vikitsitaadid on nyt laajin ei-indoeurooppalainen sivusto!--Risto Rekola (arutelu) 28. märts 2021, kell 20:25 (EEST)[]

Kiitos! --Ehitaja (arutelu) 28. märts 2021, kell 20:31 (EEST)[]

Nyt aion editoida vain Eesti-vikejä, joten uusi blokkaaminen olisi hyökkäys itsenäisyyttänne vastaan.--Risto Tapani Rekola (arutelu) 31. märts 2021, kell 20:34 (EEST)[]

Ilmoitan armeijan päämajaan. :) --Ehitaja (arutelu) 31. märts 2021, kell 20:41 (EEST)[]